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Educational dog psychology, trainer and consultant with more than a 45 years´ experience and thousands of dogs, guarantee best treatment an support for your loveliest, worth animal, living in a family surrounding. We offer your help and advice whenever you need. Yours, Peter Helfrich
Christiane Helfrich, Dog Psychologist,
Has obtained experience in dog training for more than 25 years; has consulted and attended dog owners on request and release order. She has been
  • Chairwoman of the fox terrier club of Heidelberg
  • Airedale animal husbandry for terriers
  • Kennels of College field
  • Leader of the Helfrich pet obedience school and
  • Boarding for pets
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    That is the way we interpret convenient and well-organized boarding kennel- appropriate to all species:
    You are arranging for a journey, have to go to hospital, or any other accidental occurrence appears, with may render it necessary to separate from your beloved pet for a certain time. Your friends o other dog acquaintanceship cannot take care of it, so you are looking for a reliable and well- established boarding kennels which guarantee wellness, permanent veterinary care and a pleasant surrounding.
    The enterprise was founded by Robert Helfrich in the year 1946. His 18-years-ol son Peter Helfrich joined the company in 1959. At the age of 65, Peter delivered responsibility to his wife Christiane Helfrich who nowadays is leading the business successfully.
    Situated on the outskirt of the City Heidelberg, in the Handschusheimer Feld close to the Neckar, the present built volumes consist of amply space with heater mats, hygienic sanitary and a range of run out
    Keeping the animals in their natural environment. i.e husbandry in couples, both male and she-dogs of equal height - possibly at the same age - we pave the way of a closely related being-together for all our guests. - All the same you may decide on a strictly individual care.
    Please note that hounds are creatures living genetically in small groups and - being uphold in an adequate environment - they are not going to miss anything or anyone.
    We are working in a team. Two young ladies, Carmen Knauer and Danelia Beierle, apprentices, are assisting the Helfrich family in devoting to their guests:
  • Daily run out and walking the dog are mandatory necessities
  • Individual food, blankets, personal puppy- or divan beds, if required, are appreciated
  • Medical treatment or enlistment of your personal veterinarian is self-evident
  • In cases of emergency we hold ready professional veterinary advice, operating day and night.
  • The residential house is part of the premises which enables the Helfrich family to attend and remain in close contact to your pet day and night. We maintain facilities for bathing, shearing and trimming of all pedigree- and non-pedigree dogs. Closely connected to the dogs´ area there is a suitable, heated and comfortable house for cats with generous possibilities of run out.
    Based on the statements given above you shall not hesitate to contact us by phone, so that we can arrange for an appointment to play us a visit on the spot:
    Opening Hours
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 h - 13:00 h
    14:00 h - 17:00 h
    8:00 h - 13:00 h
    17:30 h - 18:00 h
    Schedules on telephone agreement possible!
    Postal Address
    Robert P. Helfrich
    Tiergartenstraße 47-49
    69121 Heidelberg
    Fon: 06221 412490
    Fax: 06221 411903
    State-approved establishment for husbandry apprenticeship
    'To recognize character and nature of the dog is the main tool of a successful training supervisor'
    An individual, effective and successful handling of dogs in co-ordination with the owner requires profound knowledge and long-lasting experience based on various types of teach ware. We have specialised in this matter, which enables us to offer you a great variety of possibilities:
    Boarding School
    The pupil is entrusted in our care for some time, for approx. 3 weeks, and passes through determined, professional work. The last week is practised in the team TRAINER - DOG - OWNER.
    Training Courses for Human and Dog
    Possibly three times a week together with trainer, dog and owner. Practical work along problems which exist in behaviour and attitude. Possibility of passing a final team test, the officially approved BH or VPG examination (former safeguarding examination for dogs).
    Private Training Hours
    Which are to be replaced by regular training courses at a later date.
    Breaking of Habits
    Under certain conditions it is possible to attend to wrongdoings like poaching, scuffling or walking-off in ambulant treatment. Sustained success is achieved and guaranteed!
    Working- and Playing Hours for Whelps
    On Saturdays at 14:00 hrs you may join the get-Together for whelps. Which include practical exercises.
    Expert advice for a wide-range subject-matter: "The Dog"
    In Conclusion we recite the true word of Dr. Eric Ziemen †on of the famous and successful behaviour scientists and sponsors of dog education, who said
    "It is absolutely impossible to educate a dog's obedience offering him deflection by means of various attractions only"
    … and the is an old Persian saying that
    "A dog's comprehension may contribute to the existence of the world."